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Third place at the Big Indie Pitch!

On the second day of #E32018, in a lively pub with dim lights, indie game developers gathered to pitch their hard work in 4 minutes.

Judges sat down waiting for the developers to come over to their table, while developers were eagerly waiting for the signal from the organizer to start their pitch.

As soon as the four minutes start, developers quickly exchange business cards, introduce themselves and the name of their game, then start pitching the best aspects of their game.

Game mechanics, price, availability, monetization strategy, user acquisition plan

If you are not prepared with answers to the judge's questions, you quickly lose their interest and before you know it, the signal to swap tables is here!

After a few rounds of developers swapping tables and pitching their game, it was time to pitch ARia's Legacy. With such dark environment and pub table setting, it was impossible to showcase a live gameplay of the game. Our only option was to change our pitch strategy and use a few gameplay videos we captured during #E3.

The organizers made sure to brief the judges of the situation in order to ensure that showing a video would not affect their judgment of the game.

It was time, the signal is near and our first pitch is about to start.

3, 2, 1... Signal!

We exchange business cards, play a screen capture of gameplay, and start pitching the game.

"ARia's Legacy is the first #AR #EscapeRoom game. Instead of displaying objects on a table in front of you like every other augmented reality game, ARia's Legacy creates a complete virtual environment in your physical room."

The judges were intrigued, they asked questions, we answered, and before we know it...

"3, 2, 1... Signal!"

After a few table swaps, it was over. Now the waiting game begins...

The judges gather to discuss the games, and developers anxiously wait for the results while sipping on their drinks and enjoying the food.

It was time to reveal the results... Drum roll please...

Third place goes to... ARia's Legacy!!!!


First place: SPELLFAST!!!

Second place: Guardians of War!!!

Third place: ARia's Legacy!!!

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