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The Pixel Crushers

Afternoon Apps Inc.
Ontario, Canada

Release date:
September 17th 2018



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You are part of a team of archaeologists excitedly looking for artifacts at your newest archaeological site. Suddenly, your shovel strikes a chest that you quickly unearth with the help of various tools around you. But when you try to open it, you are seemingly thrown into a locked room that is at once familiar and eerily foreign to you.

Your only clue seems to be the chest that you found and the name “ARia" ringing in your head.

ARia’s Legacy is the first mobile escape room game using AR (augmented reality) technology. Instead of displaying objects on a table in front of you, it creates a virtual environment around your physical space that has you walking around your room discovering parts that were never there before. Through the power of AR, players can immerse themselves in 50 different levels of mystery anywhere using a mobile phone or tablet as they uncover the story behind ARia’s sudden disappearance and discover her legacy.


ARia’s Legacy was conceived from a successful escape room run with friends. From there, it seemed obvious that the next step for the popular mystery/puzzle trend would be to implement a version of it through augmented reality so that escape room addicts like ourselves can have the escape room experience whenever and wherever they want.


Thanks to Unity and ARKit, The Pixel Crushers were able to quickly create a demo to bring the concept to life. This prototype was first showcased at EGLX, Canada’s largest gaming expo, where curious gamers were instantly hooked on the mystery of where ARia has disappeared to… Will you be able to find her?


  • The first mobile escape room game that uses augmented reality: Use your tablet or phone to transform your space into an immersive experience.

  • Play anywhere, any time: No need to book an appointment at your local escape room facility and worry about finding enough friends available to play.

  • Unlock puzzles at every angle: Using the power of AR, get up close and personal with your surroundings in order to find hidden clues that will help you advance to the next room.

  • 50 different levels to guide you through the mystery that is ARia: Who is ARia? What is her legacy? Watch her story unfold with each room you enter as you try to make it back home.

  • Stunningly beautiful music to aid you through your journey: Let the soothing melodies composed by Jake Butineau help you reach your answers.

  • Stuck? Try enlisting the help of a friend: Expand your perspective using the co-operative mode that allows two mobile devices to link up for a wider view of the game. Both devices will need to purchase a copy of the game. (releasing in a future update).

  • Still stuck? Make sure to message ARia on Facebook, Twitter, or Email!





Download all screenshots & photos as .zip



About the Studio


AfteRnoon Apps Inc. is a small independent creative software agency that offers superior app and game development services that shifts your projects into overdrive. Our team has over 60 years of combined experience working on countless projects. We focus on Augmented Reality experiences that alter reality and take you on a journey down the rabbit hole.

More information

More information on AfteRnoon Apps Inc., our logo & relevant media are available here.

ARia's Legacy Credits

Galal Hassan

Project Manager

Abdul Algharbi

Lead Developer

Xiubo Liu


Diana Cordero


Jake Butineau


presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks

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